We offer multiple services, depending on customer needs.

  • Stump grinding: we’ll show up with our equipment, grind your stump(s), and leave. Simple as that. All of the money stuff can be handled before we show up so you don’t even have to be on site.

  • Clean up: we can either leave the wood chips/mulch that we create for you to use as compost or we can bag it up and remove it from the site. This is $20 per stump, flat rate, no matter the stump size.

    Note that we do our best to remove all of the wood chips that are created, but sometimes we can’t get everything. No worries though, as these will turn to compost and add nutrients to the surrounding soil. We’ll do our best though!

  • Top soil and seed: for a small additional fee, we’ll throw some top soil, seed, and straw down for a finished look. You can supply the top soil and seed or we can bring it. Just be sure to let us know if you want a specific type of seed or other requirement (grass type, organic, etc.).

    The fee ranges but expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $25-50 per stump, depending on size, slope, and other varying factors. Material costs (soil, seed, straw) will vary as well.